In computing, a virus is any malicious program that disrupts the operation of your computer. To protect your computer from these malicious programs, you need to install an antivirus. Read this article to understand what an antivirus is and what its advantages are.

Antivirus: what is it?

An antivirus is a computer program that is designed to detect various malicious programs. These are mainly viruses and macro viruses. It is also supposed to prevent your hardware from being infected. This means your computer, tablet or smartphone. So it ensures the protection of your hardware and the multiple personal data it contains.

However, not all antivirus software will offer you the same satisfaction. Since they exist differently according to their quality. The quality of an antivirus is identified according to its capacity of action. This is its ability to detect new viruses and to provide protection against cyber threats in record time.

Antivirus: what are the benefits?

Generally, you need to install an antivirus to protect your personal data. In fact, your computer contains a lot of files and data that concern you. This often includes text documents such as pay slips, taxes, certain photos and your browsing data, which you want to prevent from spreading in the wild.

In addition, it is possible to exploit some sensitive data on your computer, which could lead to identity theft. That is, with access to your email, your photos, your identity can be stolen to damage your reputation.

However, viruses do not only spread on computers, but also on smartphones and tablets. This is why anti-virus software is available to protect them from viruses.

Very useful tips to avoid viruses

For your computer, one antivirus is enough. Never make the mistake of installing several antivirus programs on the same computer. You are taking a big risk, because these antiviruses can neutralise each other and damage your computer.

Also, be careful with your e-mail. Since many files are sent by e-mail. Be very careful with attachments and avoid clicking on any link in an e-mail.

Back up your personal data and update your operating system.